Pastor Hammond with the girls in front of their Dormitory


Abiathar House Orphanage is based in the western part of Kenya in Kisii County. It is situated on the Kisii-Kilgoris road. The few all-weather roads that cut through the estate are so narrow and difficult to navigate. With the teeming population of this sprawling estate and the absence of pedestrian footpaths, driving in this part of the world is not for the faint hearted.

The area is characterised by inadequate infrastructure, squalid housing structures, abject poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS prevalence is high, disease and family violence. The hardest hot and affected by these conditions are the children especially those orphaned through HIV/AIDS.

The orphanage takes care of children who have been orphaned by providing free education, accommodation, food, clothing, healthcare, individual skills enhancement and spiritual support to the children. Counselling is an integral aspect of the services provided at the centre, especially to traumatised children whose parents have succumbed to HIV/AIDS or who have a history of physical and /or sexual abuse.

The centre has several local Kenyan volunteers workers who run the orphanage, these include; a local pastor, teachers, counsellors, cleaners and cooks for the 42 children. The children are fed and educated for free at the centre. Abiathar house is supported financially from the United Kingdom by members of the Crawley Assemblies of God Int Church (CAOGIC).  Members of the congregation volunteer to give of their finances every month to see to the basic running of the orphanage. Aside from the generosity of our local church in Crawley, volunteers from the church look to the generosity of the community by fund raising on behalf of the children.


Our History

Between the beginnings of the year 2011 to early 2012, I (Pastor Hammond) was praying and asking God to bless the city of Crawley and it’s vicinity- West Sussex. I asked God to show us what we can do to affect the entire people of he Crawley region, nation and possibly even the world. During such a period of time, I received a message in my inbox requesting help. So I questioned myself as to what kind of help is required? The email persisted – saying the children need your help. From here I considered the word of God in Acts chapter 16 versus 9 to 10, where the Apostle Paul had a vision in the night of someone standing and begging for Paul to come to Macedonia and help them. So I responded to the email but at the same time I sent a local police office (a woman) to go make the necessary enquires to avoid any fraudulent activity. The police officer came back to me and confirmed that it was true, there where children there who actually needed help.

I began to have conversations with a man by the name of Pastor Jaspher, who is the leader of the orphanage centre. I also made an announcement in my local church here in the United Kingdom (CAOGIC) for everyone to give his/her commitment to support the children in the centre. So our church CAOGIC. We started supporting the children in 2012 and in 2015 I went to visit the children and spent some time with them.

During my visit I interviewed Pastor Jaspher and he told me how he came face to face with the ravages of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. I also met children whose parents died during the post election violence of 2008. Pastor Jaspher was moved by the plight of the children whose parents had succumbed to the deadly virus and the post election violence was too much for him to bear. So, he decided to take action by starting an orphanage.

Parents whose children where infected with HIV/AIDS started dying leaving their children with nobody to care for them. Most of them had already dropped out of school to become carers for their parents. Even when the government began to offer free education it was difficult for the children to attend because their ailing parents could not afford school uniforms and other school requirements. After their parents died it was difficult for the older children to return to school because they had to take care of their siblings. Hungry and helpless many of them went to the streets to pillage in garbage sites, in desperate search for food. Others were kicked out of their parent’s rented houses, leaving them with no choice but to hit the streets. I (Pastor Jaspher) was unable to accept the unfolding scenario, so I started looking for a shelter for the children where he could feed them. With no money, but big faith in God, I rented a nearby building that used to be a school where I put up the children. Over the years we went through struggles but we trusted God for provisions. We started with 14 children and that was in 2012 but because the need was so great we decided to add more children who desperately needed our attention. We continued praying for God provision and leading and in 2012 God answered our faithful prayers and sent our beloved Rev Henry Hammond from the United Kingdom who took it upon himself and the entire church to support and sponsor to help these children. Now with the help of our sister church in the UK we are able to feed, shelter and educate these children. Although the need is still overwhelming, the children are happier, healthier and full of hope.

As the head and leader of CAOGIC and Abiathar House in Kenya, I (Pastor Hammond) would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and volunteers, members of our congregation and members of the community for all your great work towards the Kingdom of God. For this we give God glory.