Pray for our Children


Prayer is POWERFUL

Prayer is the most powerful gift anyone can give.

If you feel moved by our cause we encourage you to pray for our children.

Here are a list of prayer points

  • Raise our children to be god fearing
  • Heal our children from emotional hurt from witnessing the Kenya Crisis
  • Heal our children who may feel abandoned by their parents
  • Send labourers of the harvest on behalf of our children
  • Let Abiathar House be without lack (food, clothes, education)
  • Protection of our children from any harm
  • Physical healing for our children
  • Emotional healing for those who lost parents to HIV/AIDS
  • Pray for the workers who established Abiathar House- that their faith may not fail
  • Pray for the footsteps of each child to be ordered by the Lord
  • Pray for a building. We need a building for our children – for the Lord to increase and bless the work of our hands

We love you

We appreciate your prayers

We bless your kindness in our remembrance


Pastor Hammond moved by the songs the children sang