Where there is no vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29:18

2018-2019 Goals 

  • Be more vocal! Try and get an interview on Premier Christian Radio
  • Street Fund Raise every 3 months in London, Brighton and one other city
  • Street fund raise every Saturday in December
  • Buy the land the orphanage sits on, so that we no longer need to rent. The cost of the land is £6 000. See how much we have raised so far —>here.
  • Write to influential people
  • Get 5 business owners to have collection points on their premises
  • TRAVEL funding: A team of 3 ambassadors in the United Kingdom would like to travel to Kenya
  • Draw up a blue print to make Abiathar House a home in 2019
  • Build Abiathar House in 2019. Finance the cost of building and developing the orphanage
  • Send each child a parcel with toiletries, clothes and shoes
  • Build a library for the children, with ONE computer and internet access
  • LONG TERM PROJECT: Introduce some kind of homestead for the children on the land. Either poultry for chicken and eggs or vegetable farming
  • Build a crafts room for the children – with career options for the children


Long term Goals 

  • Build Abiathar House for the children
  • Build Hadassah’s Hospice for HIV/AIDS patients
  • Build Abraham’s Shelter for the homeless